Life Reef Fisheries Management (Trade)

Aproaching Sustainable fisheries Management concept for live reef fish Trade can be conducted by collaboration between many component activities, it is a balancing act of management between conservation and trade .
COREMAP II the Indonesian National Program under Ministry of Marine Affair and Fisheries and funded by World Bank Loan and Grant focuses on Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Sustainable Fisheries Management
The Strategy to develop Sustainable Fisheries Management program is executed using a few approaches:
1) Policy and regulation for sustainable management based on precaution principle; 2) Collaboration and community based management approach for better environment and increase the Marine aquarium fish quality; 3) Education and public awareness are the most important component in open perception of Fisheries Management Concept and on how to find the best practice in handling the aquarium fish; 4) Scientific and Information, as a basic information for establishing resources management plan and to monitor the implementation result. Were the scientific knowledge as the basic analysis determine of fisheries resources

LRFT management will be based on:
Fisheries Resources Management To ensure coral reef health and sustainable fish stock, the community with the government develop fisheries management plan with focus on collection area management, fish stock and resources carry capacity.
Collection, Handling & Transportation Management for Trade
Develop agreement among fishermen, supplier and buyer on good and beneficial collection, handling and transportation system in order to increase the quality and fisheries resources.

source: LRFT Specialist PMC-NCU COREMAP II
for further: please CLICK HERE


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