Declaration of Savu Sea Marine National Park and the Achievement of 10 Million Hectares of Marine Protected Area in Indonesia

the Savu Sea Marine National Park and the Achievement of 10 Million Hectares of Marine Protected Area in Indonesia has declared and celebrated on wednesday, May 13, 2009, held on Sintesa Peninsula Hotel, Manado. in accordance with World Ocean Conference (WOC) and Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI) Summit.


photo by: Ahmad Fuadi/TNC


the Savu Sea Marine National Park officially lauch by Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of the Republic of Indonesia, H.E. Freddy Numberi.

“The establishment of a new marine protected area in the Savu Sea region in East Nusa Tenggara province, encompassing an area of 3.5 million hectares as Marine National Park which is potentially as one of the largest Marine Protected Area (MPA) in the Coral Triangle.  The Savu Sea is known for its richness in marine biodiversity such as whales, dugong, sea turtles, dolphins, and coral reef.  This Savu Sea is an important migration route for whales.  About 14 species out of 27 species of whales in the world migrate using this route from Pacific Oceans, passing through Banda Sea, Flores Sea, and Savu Sea to Indian Ocean.  This also means that about 50 percent of whales in the world can be found in this Savu Sea of Indonesia, include worlwide renown species such as Blue Whale (Balaenoptera musculus) and Sperm Whales (Physeter macrocephalus).  Besides as a significant habitat for whales to feed, to spawn, to nurse, and to migrate, the Savu Sea is also as a significant habitat for other marine lives at a larger scale.  Therefore, one may not be too surprised by knowing its marine potentials, the Savu Sea has a significant role economically and socio-culturally for more than two million people living in the area”, said Numberi

M. Syamsul Maarif (Director General of Marine, Coasts and Small Islands) on his speech, reported that the Savu Sea as Marine National Park, encompassing an area of about 3.5 million hectares, covering marine area of Sumba Strait and its surroundings, Marine waters of Savu-Timor-Rote-Batek Island and its surroundings. Savu Sea is a place bestowed with high coral reefs and represents a good connectivity among reefs and other associated marine habitats.  This vast marine area is also an important corridor for mantas and whales, besides as a significant site for turtles to nest. This Savu Sea is also a critical area for yellow-fin tuna, which is one of the important fish resources to fisheries industry.

Agus Dermawan (Director of Conservation and Marine National Park) said that currenly, Indonesia have reached total MPAs’ achievement of about 10 (ten) million hectares, consisting an approximately 5.5 million hectares were initiated by ministry of forestry and 4.6 million ha (almost) of local/district marine protected areas have been established in 35 districts with facilitation from MMAF. the declaration of the Savu Sea Marine National Park, will adding up to the current achievement of 10 Million hectare of MPAs. We have reached the target ahead of time to expand our marine waters as protected area to become 13.5 million hectares by the year 2009. 

This achievement will contribute not only for sustainability of marine and coastal resources in Indonesia but also the protection of biodiversity in the world.



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