Minister Fadel, US Ambassador Inaugurate KKP

Minister Fadel, US Ambassador Inaugurate KKP

Nusa Penida (Antara Bali) – Minister of Marine and Fisheries Affairs Fadel Muhhamad, in the company of US Ambassador to Indonesia  Scot Marciel and Bali Governor I Made Mangku Pastika, has officially declared the Marine Conservation Area (KKP), Nusa Penida subdistrict, Klungkung regency, Bali.

Fadel also flanked by his wife arrived on Sunday at 10 am along with Scot Marciel and Made Mangku Pastika.

Fadel had been warmy welcomed by hundreds of students of Nusa Penida subdistrict.

Gubernur Pastika said the conservation was in line with  the  Bali Clean and Bali Green program in anticipation of global warming.          

Pastika hoped the conservation would not merely protect the local habitat, but it will eventually increase the welfare of the local population.

He hoped the regent follows up the  conservation with management details, adding that the konservasi area covers more than  20 thousand hectares.

And to follow up on the program, the Klungkung regency administration will hold a Nusa Penida sale in 2012. (Sail Nusa Penida 2012) (*)




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